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 POCO X3 nfc - Is it worth buying? The Poco X3 is a name that should have been called Poco X3 120Hz. Instead, it's called Poco X3 NFC.  The Poco X3 has been around for a while, and it's no surprise that it's got an NFC-equipped name. Its 120 Hz refresh rate is still incredibly impressive, and it's still incredibly popular in its price range. We'll also tell you about how the camera behaves in normal day-to-day use. Will the Poco X3's specs and experience turn out to be as good as they seem? Or will we be disappointed with the value for money?  The Poco X3's design language is interesting, though not without its faults. The front of the phone is certainly not understated, with its large logo and camera island. The Galaxy S6 Edge has had a hard time distinguishing itself from other smartphones in terms of its design. Its back is almost identical to that of most other Android devices, with the screen occupying most of the space. The Mi 10T Pro comes with a bund

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