My First Hacktoberfest experience

Hacktoberfest 2020 true story

My First Hacktoberfest experience

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 So for the first time I heard about this festival on mid September.It was from a Facebook post.At that time i have never heard about pull requests or any functions on Git hub.On that day onward I've started finding more about pull requests.When searching this on you tube i found some Indian guys trying to convert this valued celebration in to a scam for just to win a swag.But I have to say this.Initially I also took part in that scam.

I think contributing to open source can seems like a discouraging process.Google will return a ton of results on how to do s and repositories to start open source.Most of the times your search does not return results for what you re actually searching.I have been there myself.I spent times of searching good repositories to contribute.As I above mentioned this process made me to try Indian scams.DON'T MAKE THAT MISTAKE EVER.

 My only motivation for this event initially was the swag pack as other newbies.But when going through hacktoberfest turned out to be very different.Okay let's talk more about hacktoberfest.

So basically you don't have to hack through out the month of October while drinking beers and coffees.Hacktoberfest 2020 was a month-long (October 1 - October 31)  celebration of open source software run by Digital Ocean in partnership with GitHub and Twilio. Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in our global community.If you manage to make four successful pull requests in total,you are eligible to receive a cool looking T-shirt and some cool laptop stickers like this. (Note : This ain't my swag pack.I'll write on my swag pack when they received)


For hacktoberfest 2020 I contributed 5 repositories and completed a total of 7 PR's in the second week which went under a period of 2 weeks reviewing.And after 14 days luckily all those PR's were accepted as valid.

Finally i got this message

By the end of the month of October I've learnt many thing regarding GitHub.(about Repositories, Pull requests , Forking, and many more). So overall it's been an amazing and valuable experience to finally complete my hacktoberfest 2020 challenge.

My Git Hub Repos

See ya guys in my next blog post.Until then good bye.



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