My Story of Google #CloudKasthiram

 My Story of Google #CloudKasthiram 2020

Google CLoud kasthiram

First of all with lot of excitement,I registered for the event as soon as the registration was opened.Main reason for that is I never had any experience on cloud based technologies.There was a list of 11 quests. From that 11 we had to select 6 quests and complete them in order to win a swag pack.😎

Then I randomly selected 6 labs and started doing them.I started doing my labs on 18th of October 2020.First quest was very easy for me.It was "Google cloud essentials" which contained pretty basic labs.But from the second quest onward that became little hard to go on.Main reason for that is every quest had a challenge lab which we have to complete it alone.They don't provide us any steps or documentation.

While completing those quests I faced few problems here and thereπŸ˜•. One of the main problem was, final lab from the 7th quest didn't work. But after 3 days from reporting it to google,they have fixed it for me.

Just don't panic if you faced any thing like this.Only thing you have to do is report the error to google.They will fix it for you ASAP.But tell them exactly what happened.They are super duper fast in replying and very supportive for students.πŸ˜‹

So like this somehow i was able to complete 6 quests.As soon as i completed the quests i filled the form for redeem my swag pack πŸ˜‚. After that I completed another extra quest. That's because i was in a super hype after completing my challenge.πŸ˜‚

So after all of this I got some really cool badges.We can share them on our social media as well.In order to make the completion of cloudkasthiram,I was supposed to take a screenshot of my qwiklabs profile and share it on any social media.So i posted it on Linked in with hashtag #cloudkasthiram.So after all I got this email from GDG Sri Lanka saying that i will be receiving my swag pack at my door step in the next few weeks😍

So finally I personally feel GDG cloudkasthiram was a very successful event for those who like challenges and those who like to learn new things and technologies.Before ending this post i want to say this also.In the beginning  i joined for this event only for the swag honestly, but in the end I learned a lot about cloud technologies and the usage of them.That was a great deal actually.So that was my story behind #cloudkasthiram 2020.Hope you all got some insights.That is all for now.

PS-I recieved my swag pack on 13/12/2020

My qwiklabs profile 

So until then good bye homies. ✋


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