My Story of NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

 My Story of NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

Nasa space app challenge 2020
What is NASA space Apps Challenge?

Now in its 9th year, Space Apps is an international hackathon meant for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, technologists, and others in cities around the world, where teams engage with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s free and open data to address real-world problems on Earth and in space.During the previous edition of Space Apps more than 29,000 participants from 71 countries joined 225 events throughout the year.

So for this competition I had to make a team of 4 members.First member I got in to mind when i saw this is Ashen Akalanka.He is my best friend from the university😎.(We are studying Engineering at Universal College Lanka in affiliation with university of Central Lancashire UK) Then I called my best friend from my school.He is Dulan Malinda.He is studying Engineering at  University of Peradeniya.Finally I called my old friend (since primary grades)😊 Upeksha Erandi👩. Now she is studying at Vetenary school of University of Peradeniya.

From the left you can see photos of myslef,upeksha,Dulan and ashen

So first thing we had to do is select a category and build an idea on that category.we selected "Sustaining our planet for future generations" category and we started to think of an idea.Finally we came up with an idea to make a mobile app and website to make awareness of people about ocean sustainability.Because, currently ocean pollution is one of the most underestimated problems we have globally.

After hundreds of Microsoft teams meetings and whats app🤙 calls we started working on our project.I went to dulans house and we started working on mobile app and website while upeksha and ashen are working on all other project planning and report writings.Our team name was Colombo GSD and we named our project as OCEAN APP.

Ocean app project flyer

By our app anyone can get a knowledge about location of coral reeves , how the marine biology spread in the ocean and how those sensitive Eco systems spread in the oceans. With these mapped data we are trying to persuade people not to pollute ocean by showing them the real beauty of ocean and the ways that we can use ocean sustainably.Also there was a section call knowledge hub where users can get a better knowledge about ocean sustainability.

Click here read our full project

As NASA organized this competition they were given us the access to many of there data resources.That was very helpful for our team.This competition was taken place from 2nd of October to 4th of October 2020.So after 2 full sleepless days we were able to complete and submit our project.

After submitting our project it took about a week to announce the final 20 team selected from Sri Lanka.So yes as you guys guessed we selected to top 20 teams from srilanka😁. Again it took another three days to announce the final results.At this time all our team members and I were in a full hype as we selected to top 20.So finally the wait was over.We were selected as the best project from our category😎.

Colombo GSD -Best project for sustain category.

After a week of above announcement we got our printed certificates at our door steps which was issued by NASA and SEDS Sri Lanka. So that's all about my NASA space apps Colombo challenge 2020 experience.Finally as the team leader I would like appreciate the effort put in by my team members Upeksha, Dulan and Ashen.

That's all for today.see you guys in the next post.until then good bye👋 

-Tharindu rewatha-




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