5 Important GitHub Repositories

 5 Important GitHub Repositories That Every Developer Should Know 

As everyone knows simply GitHub is a code hosting service for version control and collaboration. people can share all kinds of frameworks, libraries and all kinds of code there. There are few platforms we can see providing the same service. But GitHub hosts the number one of that all platforms. Among those tons of repositories it also comes with very useful repositories. Here I have shown 5 most important repositories for all developers. I have used my personal experiences and GitHub user star ratings for deciding these 5 repositories. These repositories might help you in your projects or it will help you learn new technologies and build cool things.

1) Build Your Own X (91k stars)

Build Your Own X is basically a set of tutorials about how to build your own technology. There you can find tutorials from writing a simple code to writing a complex operating system. If you ever dreamed of making your own search engine or your own programming language ? Well then this is the perfect repository for you.

2) Coding Interview University (148k Stars)

Coding Interview University  is a todo list that was initially made by the author to get selected to a good software engineering company. In this repository you can find a multi-month plan to become a Software Engineer for a multi billion dollar company like Google or Facebook. Coding Interview University will help you prepare for technical interviews at companies at like I above mentioned. So why don't you go and check it out ?

3) Free Programming Books (169k Stars)

Free Programming Books  actually reflects the meaning of repository per se. You can find many courses for many different languages. Also you can find interactive programming resources, Problems for competitive programming and programming playgrounds as well. But it mainly focuses on programming books. And that is a really cool collection

4) The Art of Command-Line (82.1k Stars)

Well The Art of Command-Line is one of my personal favorite repos in GitHub. If you a developer you know how valuable it is to learn about command-line. In this repo there are specific sections for Windows , Mac OS and UNIX based systems. No matter you are  a beginner , Intermediator or a well experienced developer still you can get a good knowledge out of it.

5) Developer Roadmap (140k stars)

Developer Roadmap repo contains a bunch of diagrams demonstrating different paths to take and technologies to adopt in order to become a back-end, Front-end or a dev-ops engineer in 2k20. This repo gets updated each and every year to reflect changes in the industry.

So finally I hope you learnt something from this post. If you don't there is a function called folk in to of every repository in GitHub. There you can copy the whole repo to your profile easily. See you guys.


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