My first attempt to publish a research paper

 We submitted a research paper

As you all know I've taken part in NASA space apps challenge 2020 a month ago.(If you didn't read that article click here to read it ) .So after winning that competition, dean of my university (Dr.Danajay Kulkarni aka Dr.D😊) suggested me to write a paper on this topic. As you already know me and my team have never taken part in a research. We were little curious at that moment actually. We have heard about researches throughout our entire life but we never knew what it is.

Ocean App flyer

So after another week we started to work on this paper. Ah by this time another guy from my university joined us. (Harith Viran Thantrige) So what we did first was create a google form to collect information about the awareness of ocean pollution among undergraduates in Sri Lanka. Actually we go responses from around 100 people. After that we started finding more information on ocean pollution. Actually that was online. Because at that time we were trapped in our homes because of Covid -19 situation throughout the country. During this research we had few Microsoft teams meetings with Dr.D and Mr.Thepul Ginige who is our course coordinator. 

So after another three weeks we were able to finish our paper. Actually we finished our work 30 mins before the due time. So right after finishing the work we submitted it.

Actually that whole month was very interesting. I don't know that we will get selected or not (We will be getting results on 15/12/2020) But I know exactly that, we learnt so many things. Before starting this project we knew nothing about papers. But now I think we have a better understanding about all that stuff. Therefore for the next research paper I'm going in as an experienced student. Whether we get selected or not we are very happy about the experience we got. Because this is an experience for our entire lifetimes. 

So before ending this post I would like to thank my team member Ashen, Upeksha, Dulan and Harith. Also I would like to highly appreciate the support provided by Dr.Danajay Kulkarni and Mr.Thepul Ginige. They were so helpful during our project. We have learnt many things from them. Whenever we send a email asking about problems that we face during the project, they replied fast and gave us the perfect answer.
So this is the end of my post. I'll take your another post as soon as I can. Until then stay safe.


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