POCO X3 nfc - Is it worth buying?

The Poco X3 is a name that should have been called Poco X3 120Hz. Instead, it's called Poco X3 NFC. The Poco X3 has been around for a while, and it's no surprise that it's got an NFC-equipped name. Its 120 Hz refresh rate is still incredibly impressive, and it's still incredibly popular in its price range. We'll also tell you about how the camera behaves in normal day-to-day use.

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

Will the Poco X3's specs and experience turn out to be as good as they seem? Or will we be disappointed with the value for money? The Poco X3's design language is interesting, though not without its faults. The front of the phone is certainly not understated, with its large logo and camera island. The Galaxy S6 Edge has had a hard time distinguishing itself from other smartphones in terms of its design. Its back is almost identical to that of most other Android devices, with the screen occupying most of the space. The Mi 10T Pro comes with a bundled case, which is typically the case of choice for most Xiaomi devices. It's not as sturdy as the Mi 10T Pro, but it's still better than your average jelly affair. The flap on the Samsung Galaxy S4 has always annoyed me when I used it at night. It's not that I'm not a fan of the device, but it just makes the operation of the phone incredibly difficult.


Poco X3 NFC long-term review

The camera island looks pretty ugly, and the cutout for the case's cutout shows off the dust collector's spot. The Poco X3 is not a plastic phone, and that's fine. Most of its competitors are, as well. While the front panel is plastic, the back is glass.

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

This is a great monkey for those who love to carry around a camera. It has a built-in camera island and a removable grip.Despite its massive size, the X3 handled well. Its portability makes it an ideal choice for people with small hands.The back of the device is very glossy, and while it does collect a ton of finger prints, it's not as slippery as it would've been if it had a matte finish.

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

Some people may find the feel of heft to be a bit of a comfort, while others may prefer a more premium device. We didn't find the phone's weight to be an issue in terms of usage.The Poco X3 features dual speakers, with one unit producing a loud and clear sound, and the other pulling double duty as an earpiece. They're not as loud as some of the other speakers we've heard, but hey, they're still good enough.The fingerprint scanner is located on the power button, and the capacitive sensor is good enough. Despite the lack of an under-display reader, this reviewer still occasionally runs into issues with it

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

This is a very chunky monkey, with a weight of 215g and 9.4mm in diameter (growing larger where the camera island is located). That makes it much easier to say whether you have it in your pocket or not. Seriously, you will never be confused.Despite its heft, the management has been good in this review, but the common caatat for most phones these days is working: if you have small hands, you will find that you need to use both to use the X3 safely.The glossy finish collects fingerprint faster, but that makes the device smoother than it would with a matte finish, so it's as they say - you win some, you lose some. The plastic frame is also shiny, and while the screen object sits' above the frame (as is the case with all affordable devices these days), the transition is smooth, with no rough edges or anything like that..

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

The feeling of heft may actually be to some people's liking, those who find "heavier" suggests "more premium" or something like that. Sure, the phone could have been lighter, but we didn't find its weight to be an issue in day-to-day use. We're pretty much used to such numbers from a lot of flagship devices, and the feeling you get in handling is different but doesn't differ as much as the price.

Speakers, biometrics, vibration motor

The Poco X3 has two speakers, with one shot down unit and the ear plug pulls twice as much function as any other station. They are not the loudest or most audible speakers we have ever heard, not from long shots, but they do a much better job than if we had one of them we could trust. Eating media on the phone is okay unless you are in a noisy environment, where even at a high level, you will still need to bring the phone to your ears to hear what is happening. That said, this is a complete transfer at a price point, don’t worry about it.

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

The fingerprint scanner is built into the power button, as is customary for Xiaomi's LCD-tested devices, and the capacitive sensor is dignified enough. While some reviewers have a problem with readers under display, opting for a stand-alone solution, this particular reviewer always gets into the final parts.

Without knowing exactly what the problem is, we think it is related to how small that button is, and thus can hold up a small area of ​​your finger. No matter what the cause, we found that the student worked from the first attempt only about 75% of the time. That's not a good track record, but your miles may be different.

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

Compared to the recently updated Mi 10T Pro, which also has such a fingerprint sensor, the Poco X3 feels a bit more reliable. And before you ask - yes, we took extra care when registering fingerprints to touch all parts of the finger.

As with most Xiaomi devices, you can choose between turning on the touch sensor or pressing. We went to the last one because it just feels natural as it comes with pressing the power button to activate the screen action. It also removes any accidental unlocking when you pull the phone out of your pocket, for example, while accidentally touching the sensor.

Biometrics settings - Poco X3 NFC long-term review Biometrics settings - Poco X3 NFC long-term review Biometrics settings - Poco X3 NFC long-term review Biometrics settings - Poco X3 NFC long-term review
Biometrics settings - Poco X3 NFC long-term review Biometrics settings - Poco X3 NFC long-term review Biometrics settings - Poco X3 NFC long-term review
Biometrics settings

Performance, smoothness

.While the Snapdragon 732G chipset that powers the Poco X3 does not look very different, on paper, compared to the Snapdragon 720G inside the Redmi Note 9 Pro we reviewed for a long time last year, in day-to-day use there is a huge difference in feel. We’re not sure if SoC is the only provider, or if there is any additional software addition to the game, but the Poco X3 has become the fastest and smoothest smartphone we’ve ever used at this price point.

Poco X3 NFC long-term review

It easily beat both the Redmi Note 9 Pro mentioned above and the Redmi Note 8 Pro. Not much when it comes to speed, but it was definitely evident in the day-to-day routine

Speaking of fluency, the difference was very obvious, and that is due to the non-small recommendation of the 120 Hz screen refresh and 240 Hz sampling rate. Obviously this phone might sound as smooth as a flagship with a 120 Hz screen, or one with a 90 Hz refresh rate, but that doesn't matter because you don't choose between the Poco X3 or any of those. You choose between this one and the other midrange, and so far this is a smooth mid-range phone that we've tested for a long time.

The software helps with that feeling and the way its graphics work, and overall the Poco X3 was incredibly fun to use the package, in terms of speed and smoothness. We were surprised on both sides, as we expected it to be very similar to the Redmi Note 9 Pro in these areas. Thankfully, it is not. It's better, and we're glad it is.

You can never go wrong with this item for outstanding use, but it is much closer than the other price you may believe.


       The Poco X3 is a very modest tool in its price, though it is obviously not perfect. That’s what we think after spending so much time with it as one of our smartphones too, but even if we’ve been using it for a long time, you shouldn’t take our word for it. That's because what we say on the phone and what you mention on the phone may be different, however slightly different. And even a small difference where you can make the experience feel very different to you than it did to us.

That is, we cannot speak for you, so we will do what we normally do, and give you the most used caveat of all. The Poco X3 is a must buy if your budget is larger than its value, as long as you can keep it down. That's the key right there.


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